The wood burning(CB) and multi fuel(MF) stoves are designed for the combustion of both wood and coal.


Combustion is thermostatically regulated and the stove can be equipped with a coal shute as optional. Coal combustion occurs via this shute in ‘thin layers’ as only the coals lying on the grate burn. These are automatically replaced with new coals that slide out of the shute. This type of combustion allows for continuous stoking over many hours.


This durable stove uses a unique triple combustion system that ensures nigh on full wood combustion, resulting in longer stoking times. This stove comes in a range of enamel colours.



Colour Finish

  • Enamel Charcoal
  • Enamel Majolica Brown
  • Enamel Ivory
  • Black Matt

Efficiency, Economy & the Environment

  • Airwash System – Cleverly this system controls the airflow within the stove keeping the glass clear from soot.
  • External Air System – (Optional) A superb facility that takes combustion air from outside the building thus reducing draughts and increasing stove economy.
  • Carbon Neutral Heating – The efficiency of this stove means that the CO² absorbed by the wood while it grows is equal to the CO² emitted when it burns.

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Additional information




Maximum Log Length

Flue Diameter

Flue Exit

External Air System



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