Gazco Radiance 100W

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The Gazco Radiance Electric Fire is the latest Edition to the Gazco Electric range combining breathtaking aesthetics and cutting-edge technology, offering a realistic flame effect with state of the art Chromalight LED backlighting providing the perfect focal point for any room. With a variable heat output of between 1.0 and 2.0 kW and it’s thermostatic remote controls enable you to control all parts of the fire, from the flame’s brightness levels and colour, its heat output, and even allows you to set a sleep timer, letting you drift off to the view of relaxing flames and the Radiance’s comfortable warmth.


The Radiance is available in a variation of styles, it may either be Wall Mounted or Inset with a choice of frames for either Option. The Inset Option comes with the Edge Frame or the Verve XS in Metallic Red, Ivory or Graphite. The Wall Mounted Option is available in with either the Glass Frame in Black Glass or White Glass or the Steel Frame in Metallic Red, Ivory or Graphite.
Using the  thermostatic Remote Control you can control everything from the Radiances heat output to it’s lighting style. The Radiance comes with Chromalight LED Backlight with 12 evocative colours to provide an ambient glow. With Variable light settings you can chose between a natural Amber Flame effect or a stunning Blue Flame Effect, the flame effect is a seperate option that may be used without warming the home. The Radiance comes as standard with White and Glass Stones, but may be upgraded to Clear Crushed Glass, Black Glass Beads or Clear Glass Beads.
The Gazco Radiance comes with a variable heat output of between 1.0 and 2.0kW so that the room may be set to a temperature perfect for your needs. With the Thermostatic Remote you can also set a sleep timer, to allow you to drift off to the relaxing image of the flames and comforting heat of this stunning Fire.


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