Stovax Elise 540


Offering further flexibility, the Stovax Elise 540 wood burning and multi-fuel inset fire continues the minimalist styling of the original Edge design but allows for easier finishing, as the surrounding wall edge is covered by the frame.


Each Elise 540 fire is present in a variety of framing styles, in 4 sided options for elevated installatios and 3 sided options for conventional hearth mounted installations. These frames illustrate the different ways your Elise fire can create not only a striking centrepiece in your home but one that reflects your individuality. Elise models can even be installed without a frame, using the frameless Edge kit that comes with the fire, for a stylish hole-in-the-wall look.

Frame Options
Edge +
Evoke Steel


Elise 540 Frame Dimensions Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm)
Edge+ (3 Sided)
     571      569      3
Edge+ (4 Sided)
     571      588      3
Profil (3 Sided)
     631      599      38
Profil (4 Sided)      631      648      38
Expression (4 Sided)      727      744      38
Evoke Steel (4 Sided      792      810      38

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Maximum Log Length

Flue Diameter

External Air System

Carbon Neutral Heating

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