Studio Steel

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The Studio Steel gas fire is for those with large spaces who wish to create an even greater presence with their choice of fireplace.


The wide frame creates a focal point that can be further heightened by your choice of fire size and frame colour.


Studio Steel is available as an open fronted version in three widths and features a white stone fuel bed and the option of a polished black granite interior lining for extra reflection of the flames.


It is also available as a high-efficiency glass fronted fire, again, in three sizes, but with the choice of either a white stone fuel bed with reflective enamel interior or realistic, log-effect with buff, heat-retaining lining.


Operation is simplicity itself too, as Gazco’s Sequential remote control takes care of everything from ignition to flame height adjustment.


Fire choices

Heating efficiency Heat output Width   Height
Studio 1 – Open 25% 1.72kW 1118 x 478
Studio 1 – Glass Fronted 70% 4.85kW 1264 x 528
Studio 1 – Glass Fronted Balanced Flue 81% 5.20kW 1264 x 528
Studio 2 – Open 25% 2.30kW 1354 x 508
Studio 2 – Glass Fronted 78% 6.85kW 1500 x 528
Studio 2 – Glass Fronted Balanced Flue 81% 6.97kW 1500 x 528
Studio 3 – Open 25% 3.40kW 1844 x 528
Studio 3 – Glass Fronted Balanced Flue 81% 7.30kW 1990 x 528


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