Varde Samso


Samsø has a unique design, which combines simplicity with rustic elements. With large fuel storage chambers “on the top” as well as at the base, this stove combines features of both a fireplace and an open fireplace. The self-cleaning glass function ensures that the fire is always visible if the stove is used correctly.

The uniform handles on the stove’s fuel storage chamber and ash drawer contribute to its attractive, coherent design.


Efficiency, Economy & the Environment

  • Cleanburn System – Innovative technology that results in higher heat output and fewer soot particles going up the chimney.
  • Airwash System – Cleverly this system controls the airflow within the stove keeping the glass clear from soot.
  •  Carbon Neutral Heating – The efficiency of this stove means that the CO² absorbed by the wood while it grows is equal to the CO² emitted when it burns.
  • External Air System – (Optional) A superb facility that takes combustion air from outside the building thus reducing draughts and increasing stove economy.

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Flue Diameter

Log Store Base

Flue Exit

External Air System



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